Certification Program


USA Powerlifting offers a Coaching Certification and Educational Course program available to all USA Powerlifting members 18 years or older. We provide three levels of certification: Club Coach, Senior National Coach, and Senior International Coach. The program covers coaches from beginning to international and pro levels. Our goal is to provide coaching candidates with information and technical expertise to allow them to coach at any level.

USA Powerlifting has compiled information on powerlifting coaching from various sources throughout the world. This information will be invaluable to powerlifting coaches, competitors, fitness industry practitioners, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, sports performance specialists, and specific sport coaches.

In the Club Course, USA Powerlifting analyzes the rules of performance and execution of each of the three disciplines: squat, bench press, and deadlift.  Experienced international level coaches and staff will share coaching techniques that can be transferred to athletes at any level.

The USA Powerlifting Club Coaching courses are held in a one-day format of approximately eight to nine hours with both in-person and online options available. Participants are expected to demonstrate proficiency in the powerlifting movements during the practical portion of the course. Participants may also coach and critique their colleagues during the execution of the lifts.

The written examination is given at the conclusion of the course. A USA Powerlifting coaching certificate will be issued after evaluation of performance and successful completion of the written exam.

Certification Levels

Club Coach (USA Powerlifting-CC): coaching novice to local and state level lifters, club team coach

Course includes:

  • Basic human anatomy and physiology
  • Biomechanical aspects of human movement
  • Exercise descriptions and movement performance
  • Rules of performance (squat, bench press, deadlift)
  • Basic review of USA Powerlifting Technical Rules
  • Methodology, principles, and theories of meet preparation and strength training
  • Evaluation of performance

Senior National Coach (USA Powerlifting-SNC)coaching state to regional and national level lifters & collegiate team coach.

Course includes:

  • All topics listed for Club Coach
  • More thorough review of USA Powerlifting Technical Rules
  • Team and meet management & strategy
  • Advanced meet preparation and training
  • Roles and responsibilities

Senior International Coach (USA Powerlifting-SIC)coaching national to international & pro level lifters and teams.

*In order to sit for this exam you must have served as an assistant coach on a national team competing abroad.*

Course includes:

  • All topics listed for Club & Senior National Coach
  • Intense examination and review of USA Powerlifting Technical Rules
  • Drug testing parameters and protocol
  • International team and meet management & strategy
  • Pro Series Strategy
  • Roles and responsibilities

Additional Course Details

  • Club Courses are structured as one-day seminars held at various locations throughout the year by request.
  • Senior National and Senior International Courses are held at select National Level Meets. We require a minimum of 12 confirmed participants and the venue must accommodate both the classroom and practical portions.
  • Course materials include various articles, USA Powerlifting technical rulebook, and online curriculum approved by the Coaching Committee.  The curriculum is updated intermittently to reflect any changes in technical rules or as a means of including new and valuable training information.

Here’s additional information on hosting a course.