Monday, May 29, 2023


It is the mission of the Coaching Committee to raise the level of performance of drug-free U.S. competitors through selection of coaching staff for teams participating in international events, recruiting participants for those events in a manner consistent with directives of the National Governing Body, and dissemination of information to all lifters and coaches on preparation for competition, and managing teams before and during competition.

We hope the maximum number of USA Powerlifting (USA Powerlifting) members will be offered and accept the opportunity to participate in international competition.  The Coaching Committee believes that many lifters have the potential to be competitive at the international level. Individuals who compete abroad gain valuable experience and knowledge they may share with others thus making all U.S. lifters better. We assist individual lifters and coaches in maximizing skill acquisition on the road to technical mastery.  By improving biomechanical movement patterns, fine-tuning training techniques, enhancing contest preparation strategies, and assisting on game day — competitors are put in the best situation to succeed. This is best achieved by encouraging a sense of community between athletes and coaches so that information can be shared.

National Teams

Selection for membership on national teams and other international competition is accomplished in accordance with rules defined by the USA Powerlifting National Governing Body (NGB).  Team positions are earned competitively through winning or placing well at one of our National Championships.  However, alternates may be selected at the last minute and at the discretion of the specific team coaching staff. The primary criteria are that they be willing to travel on short notice and be in shape to compete.

Coaching Accreditation

USA Powerlifting offers a Coaching Certification program available to all USA Powerlifting members with three levels of coaching certifications: Club, Senior National, and Senior International. This covers coaches from beginning to international levels. We provide coaching candidates with the information and technical expertise to allow them to coach at any level.
Coaching at Regional, National or International Events


Since our acceptance into the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) in 1997, we have sought sponsors for the national teams.  Team sponsorships vary in the form of equipment, t-shirts, money for uniforms or other costs. In return, sponsors are recognized with their names on the team uniforms.  Unfortunately, not all teams are sponsored equally and individual team members are encouraged to seek their own private sponsorship.  We invite your suggestions for sponsors or sources of support for our lifters. Contributions made by sponsors are tax deductible.