Coaching Committee Co-Chairs: Josh Rohr & Paulie Steinman
Email: coaching@usapowerlifting.com


It is the mission of the Coaching Committee to raise the level of performance of drug-free USA Powerlifting competitors through education and certification of qualified coaches.

The Coaching Committee believes that many lifters have the potential to be competitive at the international and pro level. Individuals who compete abroad gain valuable experience and knowledge they may share with others thus making all lifters better. We assist individual lifters and coaches in maximizing skill acquisition on the road to technical mastery.  By improving biomechanical movement patterns, fine-tuning training techniques, enhancing contest preparation strategies, and assisting on meet day — competitors are put in the best situation to succeed. This is best achieved by encouraging a sense of community between athletes and coaches so that information can be shared.

Pro Status

The top lifters in USA Powerlifting have the opportunity to earn their Pro Card, granting access into the USA Powerlifting Pro Series with the opportunity to compete for large payouts.

Coaching Accreditation

USA Powerlifting offers a Coaching Certification program available to all USA Powerlifting members with three levels of coaching certifications: Club, Senior National, and Senior International. This covers coaches from beginning to international and pro levels. We provide coaching candidates with the information and technical expertise to allow them to coach at any level.