University Powerlifting World Cup Team

The University World Cup allows us to nominate three University’s teams for each gender. Including both raw and open (equipped) teams was important because consideration without careful consideration and inclusion of the open side the entire championship can swing to being all raw. Therefore, it’s imperative to set a precedent that is fair in case the situation is reversed.  If next year’s University Cup becomes an open meet the selection process would be flipped.

This is a great opportunity to help reunite the raw and equipped categories in our sport. The results prove that strong is strong regardless of which division lifters entered.

Top two raw teams and top (1st place) open team will be offered spots at the World University Cup.

Alternates, the first alternate if any team decides to not compete would be the third place raw team followed by the second place open team. Each alternate spot after that will continue to alternate between raw and equipped.

If a school has already been offered a spot and their name comes up again because they had teams in both raw and open championships at Collegiate Nationals, the second instance will automatically be passed for the next alternate because they already have been offered a spot.

To accept their spot, the school must be able to nominate at least five athletes in order to have a bonafide scoring team.

The school earns their spot and may include lifters that didn’t compete at this year’s nationals but still are in good standing with their university and have competed at a national or internationals meet after January 1 last year.

The University Powerlifting World Cup Teams are coached by Mike Zawilinski.