Sub-Juniors & Juniors (Equipped)

The Sub-Juniors and Juniors teams compete annually at the IPF Sub-Juniors and Juniors World Powerlifting Championships. This is the premier equipped competition featuring the world’s strongest equipped lifters from ages 14 to 18 and 19 to 23 respectively. The teams are currently coached by Zac Cooper.

We use HS, Collegiate, and Open Nationals results for team selection. Five alternates will be submitted for each team in addition to the 9 or 8 who accept.The 3rd place average total from the previous 3 world championships will be the benchmark total for lifters to achieve to be automatically selected. The best total in each weight class from the selection meets will receive the invite to worlds provided they have achieved a 3rd place average total. Lifters who don’t have the best total in their weight class or who didn’t achieve the 3rd place average will be ranked based on their total vs. that average.

For more specific information regarding Sub-Junior/Junior team selection please visit the Qualifying Criteria & Team Selection Page under the Teams Drop Down Menu.