Raw (Classic)

The Raw (Classic) teams compete annually at the IPF Classic Powerlifting World Championships. This is the premier raw competition featuring the world’s strongest lifters regardless of age. The IPF has now added Sub-Junior, Junior, and Masters divisions to the championships.

The implementation of the new IPF weight classes at Raw Nationals allows for a clear and fair system by which to select the World Team. Those athletes who win their weight class and division (Open, Sub-Junior, Junior, Masters) will comprise those who will be the first to be invited to represent the USA at the 2018 IPF Classic World Championship.

If an athlete is unable to accept their position: all other competitors at Raw Nationals will be placed in a rank ordered list using each competitor’s wilks total. The athlete with the highest ranking who is not already on a team will be the next to be invited regardless of weight class as long as there are no more than two lifters per weight class.

Selection Criteria for all Raw 2019 Teams is as follows:

  1. Eligible National Champions get automatic invite.
  2. Alternate list order is based on 3 year Carpino
    •  If 2 alternates have the same 3 year Carpino, then it goes to 4 year Carpino.
    •  If 2 alternates have the same 4 year Carpino, then it goes to 5 year Carpino.
    •  If 2 alternates have the same 5 year Carpino, then it goes to Wilks.
  3. The alternate list can’t contain more than 2 lifters from the same weight class.
  4. At the discretion of the head coach, a lifter can be granted a request to move up or down one weight class from the weight class that they competed in at the qualifying Raw Nationals.

The head coaches for the 2019 term are as follows:

Arian Khamesi (Open)

Paul Steinman (Masters)

Hani Jazayrli (Sub Jr/ Junior)