NAPF Powerlifting

The NAPF Powerlifting teams compete annually at the NAPF Powerlifting Championships. The NAPF provides an opportunity for intermediate level lifters from the North American region to gain valuable international experience.  Lifters of all ages compete in both the equipped and raw formats.

The primary aim of the North American Championships is to develop future world team members. Secondly, we want to establish a competitive environment for any national caliber lifter who is looking to gain international powerlifting experience. The thing that makes the NAPF Powerlifting Championships unique is that we can bring lifters to compete in the Tournament of the Americas which a non-scoring branch of the championships. Although these lifters will not be eligible to contribute to the USA team point total but they will still have the same benefits as everyone in terms of medaling and having their results added to the IPF rankings.

The coaching staff will actively recruit the top three lifters from the previous year’s Men’s, Women’s, Masters and Raw National Championships. However, any lifter with a total at any national championships may contact the coaching staff to declare their intentions of competing. Once the coaching staff has acquired a complete list of all individuals who want to compete, we will rank everyone for every possible division. We then assign the lifter with the highest total to each weight class and division the only exception is the reigning national champion will have priority regardless of rank, per the NGB.  All lifters that don’t fit into a scoring team will then be filled into the Tournament of the Americas.

The Open and Masters teams are currently coached by Greg Simmons.

The Sub-Junior/Junior Team is currently coached by Joe Lewis.

NAPF Classic and Equipped Sub Jr/Junior Criteria:

The top three athletes at their respective meets will be ranked based on their potential placing at the last three world championships within their group. The top athletes are usually chosen for IPF teams, the next highest remaining athletes are then contacted for NAPF teams.