Bench Press (Sub-Juniors & Juniors)

The Sub-Juniors and Juniors Bench Press teams compete annually at the IPF Sub-Juniors/Junior Bench Press Championships. This is the premier equipped competition featuring the world’s strongest lifters from ages 14 to 18 and 19 to 23 respectively. The teams are currently coached by Tim Anderson.

The Sub-Juniors and Juniors Lifters from Bench Press, Collegiate, and High School National Championships will be considered along with the Women’s and Men’s Teen/Junior National Championships in determining the USA Team attending the IPF Sub-Junior/Junior Bench Press World Championships.

Sub-Junior/Junior division lifters appointed to represent USA Powerlifting at the IPF Sub-Junior/Junior World Bench Press Championships will be chosen on the basis of highest bench achieved in each weight class at any of the aforementioned championships. The totals achieved in these five National Championships from lifters who fall within the prescribed IPF Junior category will be considered in choosing the USA Powerlifting Sub-Junior/Junior World Team. If the lifter with the highest bench press is unable to honor this appointment, then the lifter with the second highest total in that weight class will be selected. If the lifter with the second highest total in that weight class is unable to honor this appointment, the additional team member will be selected from a listing of all remaining unappointed National competitors at the discretion of the coaching staff and EC.