Bench Press (Open) [Equipped]

The Men’s & Women’s Open Bench Press teams compete annually at the IPF Open, Sub-junior/Junior, and Masters Equipped World Bench Press Championships. This is the premier equipped competition featuring the world’s strongest bench pressers regardless of age.

The current Open Bench Press national champions from the Men’s and Women’s Open Bench National Championships will automatically be a member of the USA Team. If the Bench National champion of any weight class is unable to honor this appointment, then an additional team member will be selected from a rank order list of open lifters from Bench Press Nationals, Open (powerlifting) Nationals.  The order will be determined by calculating each lifter’s highest average placing over the past three IPF World Championships, based on his or her bench at the championship used. The lifter with the highest ranking who is not already on the team will be appointed to the USA team, regardless of weight class representation.

The open, sub-junior, and junior bench press teams are currently coached by Tim Anderson.

Powerlifting experience

  • 8-time Open National Bench Press champion 2006-2013
  • 2008 IPF Open World Bench Press champion
  • 4-time IPF World Bench Press medal winner
  • Multi-World Bench Press record holder
  • Multi-American Bench Press record holder
  • 9-time Open World Bench Press team member, 2005-2014
  • Career best Bench Press: 695-pounds (315.5kg)
  • USA Powerlifting National Referee, 2002- present
  • USA Powerlifting member since 1991

Coaching Experience

  • Head Coach, World Bench Press Team, 2012-present

695-pounds (315.5kg)
695-pounds (315.5kg)