Bench Press (Masters)

Men’s & Women’s Masters (Equipped & Classic) Bench Press Teams:

The Men’s & Women’s Masters Classic & Equipped National Bench Press teams compete annually at the IPF Masters Classic & Equipped World Bench Press Championships.

The Men’s & Women’s Masters Classic (Raw/Unequipped) & Equipped Bench Press competitors who achieve the highest lift within one of the following 4 IPF age divisions from the annual USA Powerlifting Bench Press National Championships will automatically be selected as a member of the USA National Team (subject to final approval from the National Office).

* Women (4 Teams) – Women’s M1: 40-49; Women’s M2: 50-59; Women’s M3: 60-69; Women’s M4: 70 or older
* Men (4 Teams) – Men’s M1: 40-49; Men’s M2: 50-59; Men’s M3: 60-69; Men’s M4: 70 or older

To be eligible, every lifter must turn 40 years of age or older when the IPF Championship will be held (currently, the following year). As such, please note the following example. Even if a 59 year old lifter has the highest lift among all M2 50-59 year olds, they will actually be competing for a national team spot among the M3 60-69 year old IPF age division, since they would turn 60 during the year of the IPF competition and no longer be eligible for the M2 50-59 year old IPF age division.  Furthermore, an individual who is 38-39 years of age at Bench Press Nationals may be able to compete at the IPF Master’s World Bench Press Championships per the IPF’s rules of age eligibility if they turn 40 within the year the world competition is held. If a lifter of this age is eligible for the M1 Master’s division, their names will be published prior to the National Bench Press Championship along with anyone else who will be aging in to a new age division.

If the Masters automatic qualifier from the 2018 Bench Press Nationals of any weight class/IPF age group is unable to honor this appointment, then an additional team member will be selected from a rank order list of Master lifters from the remaining lifters at the 2018 Bench Nationals.  If there are a limited number of individuals to choose from the 2018 Bench Nationals competition, the remaining spots will be chosen from a similar ranked order of lifters who competed at the 2017 USA Raw Powerlifting Nationals for the Classic team and the 2018 USA Equipped Powerlifting Nationals for the Equipped team.  Alternates will be selected based on Wilks number rank within the alternate pool they are in. No other factors will be considered. However, when comparing lifters of the same age and weight class, the lifter with the higher total will be invited.

Selection Criteria:

The Master Lifters with the highest Bench Press in their respective Weight Classes/Age Divisions from the Bench Press National Championships will automatically be a member of the USA National Team attending the IPF Masters (Classic and Equipped) Bench Press World Championships (subject to final approval from the National Office).

Alternates will be chosen from a Rank Order list of the following competitions

  • Bench Press Nationals
  • Equipped Powerlifting Nationals
  • Raw Powerlifting Nationals